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Bulk Sea Glass

We love our sea glass at Beach Grass Cottage!  We carry lots of gorgeous shades of bulk sea glass for accenting your beach wedding or for using in lots of beach home decor or craft projects!  

Make your beach wedding sparkle and shine with bulk beach glass that matches your wedding colors. 

We even carry large pieces of sea glass that are perfect for using as wedding place cards, a hot new trend that is still smoking hot!

Our sea glass is manufactured, tumbled glass, not genuine.  It's just a practical reality with the amount of sea glass that we use.  There is less and less genuine sea glass around the world these days due to recycling, and there's absolutely no way we could make all of our creations with genuine sea glass without you having to take out a new mortgage!

We want to bring all the beauty and color of 12 shades of sea glass to everyone who wants an artisan handmade sea glass frame or mirror, and most people love that they can affordably buy beach glass for their projects and weddings.  

Enjoy looking around, and don't forget we can make any custom mix you'd like just by choosing "CUSTOM" and letting us know the colors and the ratio of each that you'd like.