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Bulk LARGE PIECE Sea Glass Beach Glass, Beach Decor Wedding Place Card Seaglass, 1.75" or more, 50 PC

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Bulk sea glass, bulk beach glass, bulk seaglass in LARGE PIECES ONLY, approximately 1.75" and over, in lots of 50 PIECES.

Perfect for beach wedding sea glass place cards or table markers. Color availability will vary constantly as a very small percentage of sea glass pieces are this large. Check with me to see what is available at the time of order, or to put in a request for the next available pieces of your color.

SOLD IN LOTS OF 50 PIECES. Choose all one color or tell me in the "notes to seller" what colors you'd like and how many.

Sea Glass colors are listed in the drop down menu in the order shown on the sample photo. NOT ALL COLORS ARE AVAILABLE IN LARGE PIECES.  Color may be sprayed on instead of throughout in some batches, out of our control, therefore not recommended for outdoor or water based applications.

My sea glass is man made recycled glass, not genuine sea glass. I'd love to use real but it's just too rare and expensive! 


***Size of pieces will be 1.75" in at least one direction. Sizes are approximate, I do not measure each piece individually.***


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