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Coastal Beach Wreaths

Beach Grass Cottage artisan handmade wreaths make amazingly unique gifts and have a long history of being great gift choices.  Whether you choose our handmade sea glass wreath, an intricately hand crafted seashell wreath in elegant all whites or colors, or our signature starfish wreath, we know any recipient of one of our coastal wreaths will be thrilled!  

All are artisan crafted by hand using strong industrial adhesives so you can rest easy knowing your purchase will stand the test of time.

Our sea glass, seashell, and starfish wreaths make beautiful wedding gifts, and you can be assured that gift recipients will appreciate the unique quality of a handmade, carefully purchased present.  You're not going to find these products at the mall! 

Our signature starfish wreath was our first product that started the company. It's an original design, often copied but never anywhere near the same.  It's been featured in Coastal Living magazine and we have sold hundreds! 

We hope you find the perfect gift here!!