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Our Story

I'm Shari, welcome to my tiny spot on the internet!

beach grass cottage, shari curtiss

I love making one of a kind original seashell and sea glass pieces. Taking raw materials and creating something beautiful that people want to purchase and display in their home is so humbling. 

Each of my handcrafted pieces is created using strong industrial adhesives so you won't have to worry about your investment falling apart. I design each piece one by one, and it is so awesome to think that things I have made with my own hands are bringing joy and smiles to people all over the world! 
How cool is that?

A bit about me...my friends call me Scarlett because I'm as stubborn and bossy as the original. I am a mom to two amazing young adult sons, one graduating this spring from the University of Michigan studying architecture, and one is a freshman at Grand Valley State University. God's greatest gifts to me, so proud of them. 
My hubby is an incredibly supportive and patient man who sticks by me through all the roller coaster turns of this crazy business. Plus, he's a computer geek, which always helps when running an internet company! 

I started out my work career with 13 years of the big stuffy corporate sales job... pharmaceutical sales...ugh...suffocating... big money, no soul. 
I gave up the big salary and fancy company car to do floral design. Crazy, right??!

I dabbled in floral design a bit then created my first company, a fun corporate gift/gift basket company which I happily ran for 7 years. Never seeing my family at Christmas and around any holiday began to get old, so I sold the company and it then didn't survive a year. That reality still makes my stomach hurt to think about, so as Scarlett says, "I'll think about that tomorrow!"

Short hiatus enjoying my incredible boys and trying my luck with another corporate sales job... ugh...didn't work...again...

I started Beach Grass Cottage in 2008 and by the grace of God, it is finally where I belong. I'm so happy that I didn't give up my search! 

I love the smell of an ocean beach, sailing on a BIG wind day, traveling anywhere, York Peppermint Patties, Nantucket, getting organized, a good medium-rare rib eye steak with sea salt, Coke Icees, all kinds of ribbon and a great hat.

I hate suspension bridges, cantaloupe, pushy people, big crowds, being forced to make small talk with strangers, green peppers, slow drivers and beer of any kind.

On Beach Grass Cottage... We're located in southwest Michigan very near the fun beach communities of pristine Lake Michigan -- home of die-hard beach lovers, amazing dunes, eclectic cool beach towns, and the most gorgeous sunsets on the planet! 

This company of mine is an answer to a lot of patience and prayers, and it's exactly where I'm supposed to be during this season of my life. Playing with shells, sea glass, and starfish all day long is not a bad gig!

I welcome you to take a look around, and message me with any comments or questions. I hope something I've made speaks to you:)

My email is beachgrasscottage@ gmail.com and my company website is beachgrasscottage.com.  I welcome your comments, requests, and suggestions.