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Sea Urchin Assortment, Beach Decor Urchin Seashells, Nautical Decor Sea Urchins, 10PC Assortment

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Beach decor sea urchin assortment of shells. This nautical decor sea urchin assortment of 10 pieces includes sputnik urchins, an Alfonso urchin, sea biscuits, and pink, lavender, and green urchins.

These urchin varieties are great for scattering around the tables at beach weddings or for display anywhere in your home. Really textural and very cool displayed on a plate of sand or sea glass, this collection of 10 sea urchins includes:


Alfonso urchin, in shades of olive green to purple, ~ 3-4"
Medium sputnik urchins in shades of mauve to cream (the bumpy ones:)
Pink urchins, ~ 1.5-2"
Green urchin, ~ 1.5

Lavender urchins, ~ 1.5-2"

As these are products of nature, no two will be alike. You can expect variations in the colors and sizes within the above parameters. I will take care to give you a good "mix" but each set will be different and will have it's own color variations. Alfonso urchins especially, for example, run from dark olive greens to dark purples and every mix in between. 

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