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Seashell Coral Decorative Boxes, Nautical Coastal Beach Decor Shell Storage Box, 2 SIZES

Regular price $250.00

Gorgeous artisan handmade capiz seashell storage boxes for your luxury coastal home decor. These very special handmade capiz boxes useful as well as beautiful. 

The boxes themselves are artisan hand pieced out of small capiz shell tiles, with heavily lacquered white insides and a nice heavy quality weight. I add fabulous large handcrafted seashell and coral clusters to them, with shiny pearl white shells and large pieces of lace corals. Lots of no-hole pearls for shine too.

Large enough to hide the remotes, your candy or cigarette stashes, precious jewelry, cards and small games, etc

Each is individually made and will differ but coordinate with the others. 

MEASUREMENTS: Large: 14" W x 8" D x 5" H
                                 Small: 12" W x 6" D x 4" H

White lacquered on the insides and bottoms, and hand-pieced capiz shell ties on the outside. Heavy for their size, very upscale and high quality. 

Shells and corals are adhered using industrial adhesives so your investment will last a lifetime. They make amazing gifts too!

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