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It's our goal at Beach Grass Cottage to bring seashells from all over the world to you.  From chunky pink conch shells to the tiniest pink apple blossoms smaller than your pinkie fingernail, we search our suppliers to bring you the largest, most diverse, most colorful, most textural collection of seashells out there.  

We do not sell imperfect shells nor endangered species. 

We will always sort out the best shells that we have available at the time of your order. 

Gorgeous seashells with amazing natural colors and incredible intricate details.  No fakes, and nothing that is an endangered species.  Most of our seashells come from the Philippines or small islands in the Indian Ocean, where the shelling industry provides crucial jobs and the shell meats are used for food. 

If you are looking more for inexpensive bulk shells for crafting or for decorating a beach wedding, we offer plenty of options as well. 

Whatever you're searching for in seashells, we think you'll find it here. Happy hunting;)