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Mexican Keyhole Sand Dollar Nautical Shells, Key Hole Sand Dollar, Beach Decor, Nautical Decor - 6PC

Regular price $12.00

Beach decor Mexican keyhole sand dollar nautical shells. These unique sand dollar seashells are great for scattering beach weddings, crafts, jewelry or just display in a pretty bowl.

2.75-3.5" average. 6 pieces per order.  Very "sturdy" for sand dollars.

This is a unique and fairly rare type of sand dollar with interesting keyholes in it. They are a bit thicker than typical sand dollars and look as though they are sculpted out of clay. These cool sand dollars have a definite but faint lavender undertone to them, very pretty!

Nice large size, around 3" -- perfect for wedding table place holders (you can write guests' names on them!!) or just for scattering on tables.

Use at home also in seashell arrangements or just group them elegantly in a pretty bowl.

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