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Beach Christmas Decor SET of 3 Christmas Trees, Coastal Christmas Nautical SET OF 3 Miniature Holiday Trees

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Adorable beach Christmas decor miniature trees, adorned with coastal touches to enhance your coastal holiday décor. Small 10.25” little pots are hand wrapped in heavy kraft paper and then tied with rustic twine.

Each set includes 3 trees, you can choose from each pictured set.

SET 1 includes: a flat scallop, brown spotted babylonia shell and white knobby starfish...... a brown sugar starfish, white bubble shells, and a spiral sundial shell...... and white finger starfish, pearl turbo shell, and a pink sputnik urchin.

SET 2  includes different trees featuring: a blue/gray finger starfish, pearl white turbo shell, and white spiky murex seashell...... a cute pink sea urchin, white finger starfish, and a brown chula seashell...... brown knobby starfish, Haitian striped tree snail, and a white scallop seashell.

Sorry, no substitutions can be made, they are already made up ahead for the Christmas rush.

Christmas items are Limited Editions, quantity shown will not be replenished. First come, first served, order early!