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Custom Seashell Mirrors

Beach Grass Cottage artisan handcrafted beach mirrors feature beautiful all natural seashells, frosty sea glass, real sea life and a lot of love.  Each seashell, beach glass, or starfish wall mirror is especially custom made to your specifications so you can have your dream seashell mirror!

We have an incredible artisan carpenter who cuts and builds each mirror base for us, so you can choose your dimensions. Our artisan Shari Curtiss will work with you to decide which elements to pick, and make a story board of all elements for you to see together before settling on your choices.  Sometimes its hard to visualize the final product without that crucial step.  

Think about the mood you're trying to convey with your new handcrafted seashell mirror... are you thinking artsy, elegant, functional, colorful....?   Together we will figure out your vision and then we will make it come to life for you. 

Each of our custom mirrors are created using strong industrial adhesives so you can rest assured that your investment will last.  We've mastered the fine art of shipping large and heavy mirrors so you can be certain it will arrive to you via insured Fedex Home Delivery without a shipping emergency! 

Take a look around and start dreaming:)