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Beach Decor Conch Seashell, Nautical Decor Giant Pink Conch Shell, Coastal Decor Beach Wedding Shell, 8-9"

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Beach decor conch seashell. This nautical decor giant pink conch shell is known for its pearly pink mouth and insides. They are giant specimen shells averaging between 8-9" in size.

Perfect for displaying on windowsills, bookshelves, stair steps, or the mantle. The coloring and glossiness of the mouth opening is just gorgeous! The outside is a tan/light brown with light striations. The points or "nubs" will NOT be complete, they will be rounded nubs rather than complete sharp points. Life in the ocean takes care of breaking down the points.

This is a "slit back" conch, meaning there is a small (approx. 2") slit cut into the shell to take out the resident animal. The conch meat is then used in many countries for eating, from conch fritters to conch chowder, etc.

The slit back is not seen from the front, so you can display this beautiful shell with the pink opening facing out without anyone even knowing that the slit exists.

Sold individually. Average size is 8-9 " .


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