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Bulk Sea Glass, TINY MIX Bulk Beach Glass, Beach Decor Craft or Beach Wedding Seaglass, ONE POUND BAG

Regular price $22.00

Beach decor bulk sea glass TINY MIX. Nautical decor beach glass in "tiny mix" for decor, crafts, jewelry making, etc.

Order is ONE POUND.

This is a representative sampling of the ever changing color mix. When I make my creations the small tiny leftovers go into a bin and this mix will always change a bit depending on what I am making. This is only a sample "stock" photo....COLORS WILL DIFFER FROM THIS PHOTO DEPENDING ON WHAT I CURRENTLY HAVE.

I cannot make a custom mix of these small pieces, and please, I can't measure sizes of these small pieces! Pieces will range from slivers to about 1".


My sea glass is man made recycled glass, not genuine sea glass.

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