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Bulk Sea Glass, Bulk Beach Glass, Beach Wedding Decor Sea Glass Decor, 2 POUNDS - LAVENDER

Regular price $20.00

Beach decor pink sea glass. Nautical decor beach glass in LAVENDER, by the pound in a 2 pound order. Perfect for beach wedding table decor, beach decorating, mixed in a crystal bowl, or added to a display of seashells. Easy coastal cottage charm!

My sea glass (or beach glass) is available in many fabulous colors or I can create a custom mix for you of any of my available colors.

My sea glass is actually man made recycled glass, not genuine sea glass.

For a sense of scale, 2 pounds fits perfectly into a common white Chinese take-out container. There are approximately 240 pieces in a 2 pound order. Pieces range from a half inch to around 2 inches.  It will be a nice mix of sizes and shapes. Sorry, I cannot "sort" specific sizes!

***Please note relative size and shapes of each color as they do come from different manufacturers and have different properties. Pink tends to be the thinnest color. Some have the color sprayed on vs. all the way through. 

NOTE:  You are buying 2 pounds of sea glass, NOT 1 POUND.  Compare "apples to apples" pricing--1 pound of sea glass isn't very much-- a little bigger than an adults fist.   My 2 pound portion fits in a typical white Chinese take-out container.

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